Site No 101 - Ørsvågvær Camping.

This site is in a superb location on a fjord edge, close to a large (for here) town with four supermarkets all within touching distance together with lots of other shops.

The site itself is terraced and the pitches themselves flat, there are also toilets at each end of the site which is handy but when you remember that it is a large site with lots of camping huts there is still a shortage of facilities. There are four showers for the ladies and four for the gents (two were out of action in the gents) to serve a great many campers, and why on earth, in the showers, is there a hand basin rather than somewhere to hang you clothes towel etc. and get dried and dressed?

There is a washing machine and dryer they are also used by the motel so you need to get up early to get washing done in the morning. We did not use the dryer but the washing machine was NOK 30 a load.

For the surroundings etc we would return and we would recommend this site but we could not recommend the facilities.

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