Site No 99 - High-North Camping, Birtavarre.

This site nestled on a flood plain between mountains on all sides is very picturesque. It is just metres from the main E6 road so can serve well as a stopover. We stayed here several nights and found plenty to see and do in the local area although it must be said it is an area for active youngsters than arthritic old fogeys.

The facilities are clean though limited e.g. one shower for all the men on site and another for all the ladies which includes not only the caravanners, motor-homers and tenters but all the hut occupants. The huts or stugby as they are locally known are small wooden sheds that contain some beds, a table and chairs. They have no facilities, cooking or sanitary, those functions being catered for in the site kitchen and toilets/showers.

There is a small cafe/restaurant on site that (for Norway) seemed reasonably priced, if, of course, you consider around NOK 80 (£7.59) for a basic burger no chips reasonable.

Although I have been rather negative about the site we, in fact, enjoyed our stay here and the site is as good as many and better than some we have used on this trip.

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