Site 109 - Stevns Camping


This site was small from a touring pitch point of view but had good access to the reasonably sized pitches. The facilities were fine, as we were, in low season but would be severely stretched in high season and while not actually dirty were not very clean either.

This was our first site back in Denmark, it is an ACSI site. With ACSI you are entitled to a camping place or pitch, a shower each per day, a car parking space, and four kilowatts of electricity. Use of electricity over the four kilowatts they are entitled to charge for. Of the dozens of ACSI sites we have used only two previously metered the electricity at one there no extra charge the other charged something like €0.18.  At Stevns Camping everything, and I do mean everything, is controlled by a credit type card that you are issued when you arrive. Your card will allow you a two minute free hot shower per person per day more than two minutes you pay for, if you do washing up in the kitchen your card will give you access to hot water which you will pay for, if you cook in the kitchen your card will allow you power to the electric cookers which you will pay for.

Despite on several occasions managing to have a two minute shower and using electricity for the fridge and hot water only our electricity bill was nearly half the cost of the site fees. There is no way on this earth we could have used that value of electricity unless it was charged at silly price.

My advice is DO NOT USE THIS SITE, and to make that easier I am not including contact details.

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