Sites Summer 2014

SITE 111 - Vakantiepark Witterzomer


This is by far the biggest site we have stayed on with 500 touring pitches, 200 Statis/seasonal pitches as well as holiday houses and wooden chalet accommodation all on some 75 hectares yet strangely one of the most comfortable and intimate as the whole site is divided into small areas, some holding a dozen or more vans some holding just one or two. We came here a couple of years ago and had a fully serviced pitch with its own bathroom, it was during the ACSI invalid period and Dirkje was travelling with us and although I can’t remember the cost it was not exorbitant. This visit was within ACSI validity so no private bathroom but a pitch in a little area surrounded by trees so we could have been on a CL on our own but for the facilities block, unseen from our pitch but just a few yards away.

The Dutch word vakantiepark translates as holiday park and that is exactly what Vakantiepark Witterzomer is there is so much on site with various children’s play areas, bike hire, swimming pool with assorts of water slides etc, a lake etc., etc., that you could spend a holiday here without leaving the site.

The toilet and shower facilities are plentiful and spotlessly clean, there is a reasonably priced laundry, a well stocked shop with fresh bread, rolls and croissants each morning, and a restaurant/bar that although we didn’t use was obviously popular.

There is reasonably priced WiFi available throughout the site.

The reception staff all spoke perfect English (as do the majority of Dutch people) and were friendly and helpful. There is a good sized supermarket less than a couple of kilometres away together with a BBQ butcher and cash point and in the other direction the bustling town of Assen with more shops bars restaurants etc than you could shake a stick at.

Site 110 - KlüthseeCamp & Seeblick.


This was just a stopover site for us we arrived late afternoon and left at 10.00 am the following morning. As a stopover the site was ideal with large easy to access pitches.

The reception staff spoke good English and were friendly and helpful, the facilities were clean and modern with several blocks available, there was also laundry but we did not use this so do not know the cost or condition.

Although the food was limited to burgers or pizzas, the bar/restaurant welcoming and the staff despot not speaking English were attentive and helpful.

Given the chance we would go back for a longer stay.

Site 109 - Stevns Camping


This site was small from a touring pitch point of view but had good access to the reasonably sized pitches. The facilities were fine, as we were, in low season but would be severely stretched in high season and while not actually dirty were not very clean either.

This was our first site back in Denmark, it is an ACSI site. With ACSI you are entitled to a camping place or pitch, a shower each per day, a car parking space, and four kilowatts of electricity. Use of electricity over the four kilowatts they are entitled to charge for. Of the dozens of ACSI sites we have used only two previously metered the electricity at one there no extra charge the other charged something like €0.18.  At Stevns Camping everything, and I do mean everything, is controlled by a credit type card that you are issued when you arrive. Your card will allow you a two minute free hot shower per person per day more than two minutes you pay for, if you do washing up in the kitchen your card will give you access to hot water which you will pay for, if you cook in the kitchen your card will allow you power to the electric cookers which you will pay for.

Despite on several occasions managing to have a two minute shower and using electricity for the fridge and hot water only our electricity bill was nearly half the cost of the site fees. There is no way on this earth we could have used that value of electricity unless it was charged at silly price.

My advice is DO NOT USE THIS SITE, and to make that easier I am not including contact details.

Site 108 - Apelvikens Camping.


This is a large site the back of which opens directly on a beach where a great deal of wind surfing, kite surfing and other sea sport takes place.

During the season the site is very much all singing and dancing with just about every holiday activity available. There are a two or three large buildings with modern spotlessly clean toilets and showers. Everything on site is card operated so the facilities are not available to Joe Public wandering in off the beach.

Despite the number and size of the facility blocks I should imagine they are streched when the site is full. One word of warning if you visit this site don't set up too near the toilet blocks, there is a radio on 24/7 and there are two or three speakers set in the veranda ceiling.

The site is operated by staff who are friendly and helpful but do not benefit from extra money in the tills, for example we asked about going on a bigger pitch and paying a supplement but, no ACSI customers could only use 80 square metre pitches if you wanted a bigger pitch you had to pay the full price and not the ACSI price plus the difference, so we had a standard pitch and they didn’t get an extra SEK 20 (£1.74) or so per night. A group of cyclists arrived as we were booking in they were cold, wet, (the weather was appalling) and needing to dry out and get warm. They asked for two Stugas or sleeping huts, “sorry” said the receptionist “they were all in use last night and we haven’t had time to clean and prepare them today so you will have to go elsewhere, there is another site about a kilometre or two down the road”. Astonishing but I suppose with the size of the site and their standard charges they didn’t need to worry.

Having had my little moan the site was of a good standard and we would have no hesitation in returning (but only when ACSI was valid) or recommending this site.

Site 107 - Duse Udde Camping.

Was an open site on the edge of a large lake, the pitches were large and well spaced. There were several facilities blocks all modern and kept clean and with all necessities provided.

There were washing up and cooking facilities but we didn’t examine these although if a like standard to the other facilities these would have been fine. As all sites in Sweden this was very child friendly with play areas etc. The laundry was paid for by the hour and we felt was good value for money.

The only problem we found with this site was the reception closing from noon till 4.00 o’clock in the afternoon, when we arrived there was over two hours till it reopened. Fortunately for us as we were standing by reception wondering wether to move to another site a receptionist arrived, she came, it seems, to placate an angry camper who had arrived with two fractious children and wasn’t prepared to wait around for two and a quarter hours before starting her holiday. While there the receptionist with evident ill grace booked us in before locking the door and returning to her long lunch break. We did not see that particular receptionist again and the others were friendly, helpful and like virtually every Swede spoke excellent English. Free WiFi was available the area immediately around reception and paid for WiFi was available throughout the site but with our iBoost system we were able, easily, to log in and use the free system from inside our van.

Site 106 - Caravan Club Sollerö Camping.

This is quite a large site adjacent a fjord with good clean facilities. It is also one of the few we have been to in Scandinavia where there is what we would consider, adequate provision for the numbers on site.

It is a Camping Club of Sweden site and appears to be run by, at least in part, a volunteer staff. We were allocated a pitch but we could not take our map and go find it we had to wait for a “camping host” to escort us to the pitch. Unfortunately being a left hand drive car the way I was taken to the pitch meant I was reversing on the blind side.

Unfortunately a dog in the van next door turned what was supposed to be a weeks relaxation into two days from hell, for an hour a day that is and an hour three or four metres from a yapping dog can seem like a lifetime. Were it not for that I’m sure I would be giving this site a four star rating.

Would we go back - not on your life!!!

Site 105 - Krokomvikens Camping

Krokomvikens Camping was, after heavy rain and boy, did we have heavy rain, was more of a shallow lake than a camp site and took a long time to turn back into a camping ground. The pitches are quite large unfortunately ALL of the best ones along side the lake are allocated to seasonal campers who spread themselves out with awnings windbreaks, and even wooden fences until unless you one of the chosen few who have a lakeside pitch there is no access to the lake at all.

The facilities were OK if you were happy with those 60’s school showers but the toilets were fine  and kept reasonably clean although soap to wash your hands was not provided.

This site was OK, just, for a stopover, but that was all, a pity as there is much to see and do in the area.

Site 104 - Doro Camping.

Doro Camping (also known as Dorotea Camping) is a very pleasant site on the “Wilderness Road” around half way between Östersund and Storuman. The site is run by owner/occupiers who despite very long hours, starting early morning with the cleaning etc and finishing late evening with cooking and waiting in the restaurant/bar, are always sociable and helpful. The site is well laid out and maintained and the facilities always clean. Sadly the showers are the 1960 school style but it seems that many in this part of Sweden are, perhaps it is to do with the sauna that is available in them all. The site (like all in Sweden) is very child friendly with play areas, swimming lake etc, etc.

We did have to pay for the internet but the charge was a one off SEK 20 (£1.75) which got you the password. Using the iBoost we had excellent internet from the pitch.

Being high season the restaurant was open on a daily basis and whilst good and reasonably priced is basic in it’s offerings.

The site is five minutes in the car from Dorotea town where there are several supermarkets, a Systembolaget and a range of other shops bars and restaurants. There are also several caravan friendly car parks in the town.

Site 103 - Tarnaby Camping

Tarnaby Camping was another one night stop-over. There was a salmon river running adjacent the site which seemed to be the main reason people stayed on the site. The facilities were clean but the showers were of the large room for getting un-dressed/dressed variety, fine for the young flat stomached six pack types not good for the old wobbly bellied fat types. The reception sold lots of mossie sprays, hats with nets around them etc so probably not the place to be during mosquito season.

Site 102 - Stromhaug Camping.

This small campsite was our last in Norway and one of the smallest.It was however one of the best kept with spotless facilities of a standard not before encountered in Norway although they would be stretched if the sit was full. There was a laundry (we didn’t use it so don’t know the cost and a covered BBQ area. Scandinavia is very child friendly and there was, of course, a play area. We were sad that this was a one night stopover as we think it may have been a pleasant place to spend a few days. There was a supermarket across the road from the site and the main E6 was two minutes away making it an ideal one night stopover.

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