Site 106 - Caravan Club Sollerö Camping.

This is quite a large site adjacent a fjord with good clean facilities. It is also one of the few we have been to in Scandinavia where there is what we would consider, adequate provision for the numbers on site.

It is a Camping Club of Sweden site and appears to be run by, at least in part, a volunteer staff. We were allocated a pitch but we could not take our map and go find it we had to wait for a “camping host” to escort us to the pitch. Unfortunately being a left hand drive car the way I was taken to the pitch meant I was reversing on the blind side.

Unfortunately a dog in the van next door turned what was supposed to be a weeks relaxation into two days from hell, for an hour a day that is and an hour three or four metres from a yapping dog can seem like a lifetime. Were it not for that I’m sure I would be giving this site a four star rating.

Would we go back - not on your life!!!

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