Site No 95 - Camping Tornio.

This is our first campsite in Finland, it is close to the Sweden/Finland border and very close (but not walking close) to the Finnish town of Tornio. The pitches here are large and when we arrived the site was fairly empty so I was able to drive straight onto the pitch, arriving later would have required reversing on but with wide access roads and wide pitch this would not have been a problem. the pitch was long enough to accommodate caravan and car.

Situated on an island the site has it’s own beach with a BBQ area and pedalo boats available for hire.

The facilities while clean would not, I think, be acceptable in the UK. They are built in what I can only describe as the style of a cricket pavilion with a veranda in front off of which are eight doors - three ladies toilet cubicles, three mens toilet cubicles, one ladies showers one mens showers, that would be fine but each of the toilet doors has a plain glass panel in it. The showers are communal with one big one for all the ladies and one for all the men. When the building had been constructed all the glass in the shower windows was clear but some have now been part obscured.

The site seemed to be used mainly as an overnight filling late in the afternoon and emptying each morning.

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