Site 108 - Apelvikens Camping.


This is a large site the back of which opens directly on a beach where a great deal of wind surfing, kite surfing and other sea sport takes place.

During the season the site is very much all singing and dancing with just about every holiday activity available. There are a two or three large buildings with modern spotlessly clean toilets and showers. Everything on site is card operated so the facilities are not available to Joe Public wandering in off the beach.

Despite the number and size of the facility blocks I should imagine they are streched when the site is full. One word of warning if you visit this site don't set up too near the toilet blocks, there is a radio on 24/7 and there are two or three speakers set in the veranda ceiling.

The site is operated by staff who are friendly and helpful but do not benefit from extra money in the tills, for example we asked about going on a bigger pitch and paying a supplement but, no ACSI customers could only use 80 square metre pitches if you wanted a bigger pitch you had to pay the full price and not the ACSI price plus the difference, so we had a standard pitch and they didn’t get an extra SEK 20 (£1.74) or so per night. A group of cyclists arrived as we were booking in they were cold, wet, (the weather was appalling) and needing to dry out and get warm. They asked for two Stugas or sleeping huts, “sorry” said the receptionist “they were all in use last night and we haven’t had time to clean and prepare them today so you will have to go elsewhere, there is another site about a kilometre or two down the road”. Astonishing but I suppose with the size of the site and their standard charges they didn’t need to worry.

Having had my little moan the site was of a good standard and we would have no hesitation in returning (but only when ACSI was valid) or recommending this site.

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