Site 104 - Doro Camping.

Doro Camping (also known as Dorotea Camping) is a very pleasant site on the “Wilderness Road” around half way between Östersund and Storuman. The site is run by owner/occupiers who despite very long hours, starting early morning with the cleaning etc and finishing late evening with cooking and waiting in the restaurant/bar, are always sociable and helpful. The site is well laid out and maintained and the facilities always clean. Sadly the showers are the 1960 school style but it seems that many in this part of Sweden are, perhaps it is to do with the sauna that is available in them all. The site (like all in Sweden) is very child friendly with play areas, swimming lake etc, etc.

We did have to pay for the internet but the charge was a one off SEK 20 (£1.75) which got you the password. Using the iBoost we had excellent internet from the pitch.

Being high season the restaurant was open on a daily basis and whilst good and reasonably priced is basic in it’s offerings.

The site is five minutes in the car from Dorotea town where there are several supermarkets, a Systembolaget and a range of other shops bars and restaurants. There are also several caravan friendly car parks in the town.

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