Site No 98 - Hotel Russenes Camping.

This was our first site in Norway and in a superb location overlooking a fjord with a number of pitches directly on the fjord shore - well, thats the good news done. The site itself is a very ramshackle affair with facilities that although seem relatively new are in need of refurbishment. I get the distinct impression that having built an hotel, restaurant and souvenir shop the owner sat around the table and said well we still have a couple of acres left how shall we use that O’ what about a campsite? There seems to have been lots of thought into the other parts of the business but none in this part.

It appears that no-one is ever turned away they all squeeze on somewhere and take electricity from where ever - there seem to be some extremely long cables around. The site straddles the main E69 road which with coaches arriving day and night can be noisy

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