Site No 100 - Gullesfjordbotn Camping.

This was a superbly situated site, with mountains on three sides and a fjord on the other. It was the first time since the mover failed that we wanted it, so that we could have set the caravan nose in to the fjord. It was however, a want not a need and we set it to view the mountains instead.

The site, like most we have stayed on in Norway, was quite empty when we arrived but filled up quickly in the late afternoon. Also like many Norwegian sites the facilities although clean were old and inadequate for the number of units on site. There was a cafe/restaurant that looked pleasant and popular but we did not use it. There was also free WiFi in the cafe/restaurant and on the patio outside but using my iBoost system I was able to get a good signal in the van.

We felt, sadly, that the management of this site felt they were doing the campers a favour by letting them on the site rather than the other way round and although we had planned to stay several nights after the one we moved on, this being facilitated by the requirement of paying for each night you stayed, night by night, in advance.

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