Site 107 - Duse Udde Camping.

Was an open site on the edge of a large lake, the pitches were large and well spaced. There were several facilities blocks all modern and kept clean and with all necessities provided.

There were washing up and cooking facilities but we didn’t examine these although if a like standard to the other facilities these would have been fine. As all sites in Sweden this was very child friendly with play areas etc. The laundry was paid for by the hour and we felt was good value for money.

The only problem we found with this site was the reception closing from noon till 4.00 o’clock in the afternoon, when we arrived there was over two hours till it reopened. Fortunately for us as we were standing by reception wondering wether to move to another site a receptionist arrived, she came, it seems, to placate an angry camper who had arrived with two fractious children and wasn’t prepared to wait around for two and a quarter hours before starting her holiday. While there the receptionist with evident ill grace booked us in before locking the door and returning to her long lunch break. We did not see that particular receptionist again and the others were friendly, helpful and like virtually every Swede spoke excellent English. Free WiFi was available the area immediately around reception and paid for WiFi was available throughout the site but with our iBoost system we were able, easily, to log in and use the free system from inside our van.

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